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Best Home Builders in Penshurst for Renovations & Constructions

We, at O’Malley’s Construction, help you transform your existing home or office structure into a more functional, beautiful, and valuable one. We are one of the best builders in Penshurst who have been into the business for years- renovating homes and offices, remodelling and restructuring living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms for the best user experience. If you are planning to extend your living space or transform your older version of the kitchen to a modern, modular one- bank on us. We are always there to offer you the required professional assistance in getting you what you have been looking for, for years.

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What Do We Do for Our Clients?

We have been in the business for years and during this entire tenure, we have strongly associated ourselves with different clients and their requirements- residential and commercial. We know that the entire survival in this industry is based on how well one does the job. So, from the early days, we have never compromised with the quality of the finishes. We are builders who put immense attention to details. We address each of the aspects and make sure that the renovation/restructuring/rebuilding addresses the requirements of yours most efficiently.

We cater to all types of renovation and remodelling. Our quality, budgeted services include the following:

  • Renovations including part additions, extension, and alteration according to the needs.
  • The alteration, renovation of the outdoor living area like dining, outdoor BBQ, alfresco area
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Rebuilding, restructuring of the new homes.
  • Timber frame decking, construction of decks and pergolas.
  • All types of carpentry services are included in commercial fitouts.

Apart from the above-mentioned services provided by our builders in Penshurst, we also cater to other construction-related services like an expert consultation on design, for interior and exterior. We recommend you, based on our experience, about what is going to be the best for your house and how much you need to invest to make it uber-cool and functional.

Every Project is Equal for Us

One of the important things that you would see while working with us is our equal commitment for all projects. We never treat projects differently and hence, no matter whether it is a minor renovation or a major reconstruction, we stress equally on everything. We leave no stone unturned in getting the project done perfectly. With a dedicated team of experts and experienced builders in Penshurst, we make sure that the right building norms and standard designs are followed.

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We start the project from scratch. Visiting the place for discussion on what is required and then proceeding accordingly. We have a team of experienced consultants as well who ensure that the client is given the right recommendations and suggestions on what is going to be perfect for them in terms of available space and utility. We stress maximising space utilisation by minimising the cost. We never compromise with the quality and even offer warranty and rework if something goes wrong.

Custom Designed Renovations & Homes by Builders

One of the main reasons why we, O’Malley’s Construction, have remained the top pick for many people looking for expert builders and designers in Penshurst is because of our ability to offer custom design renovation structure, decking, rebuilding, or restructuring. We have a team of committed designers who do so. Get in touch with us to know more.

Call O’Malley’s Construction at 0449 655 226 for a free quotation. Contact us for any queries or services. You can also fill the contact us form available on the CONTACT page. We surely will get back to you shortly.


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